Cell phones are not dangerous

Cell phones and cancer: random chance in clinical trials

Italian scientists have recently demonstrated that cell phone radiation makes cancerous cells grow aggressively. He presents the shocking facts in his book, Cell Phones: The telecom boys panicked.

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The phone was turned on and off The phone was open and closed with the power on Incoming and outgoing calls were made The two-way paging function was activated The battery was removed abruptly with the power on The battery was removed and installed with the power off Although the cellular phones battery provided sufficient energy to ignite the test gases during the testing it did not He warns that public exposure to radiation from wireless transmitters "should be limited to a minimum.

There have been studies that indicate the development of the unborn fetus can be adversely affected by exposure to these signals. According to the authors, "The skin warms up slightly due to heat from the battery and not from the radio transmitter in the phone.

So cell phone radiation is below the danger threshold, but what about damaging effects even at those low radio levels.

Switch off your mobile phone while filling your car. The authors expressed concern that misclassification of phone calls due to reporting errors of the exact time of the collisions was a major source of bias with all case-crossover analysis of this issue.

Similar studies also found that the radiation damages living DNA, creates leakages in the blood-brain barrier, and increases estrogen and adrenaline levels, disrupting hormone balance. Illinois became the 17th American state to enforce this law. To overcome this inefficiency, governments often must get involved and regulate price or quantity.

News reports routinely attribute gas pump fires to cell phone use whenever a fire occurs at a service station where such a phone was in use at the time, and police and firefighters at the scene often simply assume the connection between the two to be valid. As for incidents elsewhere in the world, after several reports were circulated in the United States claiming mobile phones had been blamed for fires at gas stations, both the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association CTIA and the American Petroleum Institute issued statements denying the risk.

Mobile phones that light up when switched on, or when they ring, have enough energy released to provide a spark for ignition.

Cell phones with the highest radiation levels (pictures)

And anyone who tells you that the RF waves travel up the earpiece cord to your head, so you might as well use the phone without the earpiece, does not know what they are talking about. According to a report released by Shell Chemicals, a driver in Indonesia suffered burns and his car was severely damaged when petrol vapor exploded after being ignited by static electricity from the mobile phone he was using.

There is no consensus about the degree of cancer risk posed by cell phone use, if any at all. Multiple studies have shown that children absorb more MWR than adults. Researchers believe this is due to increased protein activity, an indicator of cell damage.

There fueling fires per year. However, a full Bic lighter was discovered two feet from where the car was fueled. Although we will probably never know for sure, the source of ignition was most likely static discharge from the motorist himself to the nozzle dispensing the gasoline.

Investigations revealed that the engineer of that train had sent 45 text messages while operating. Most likely, smoking, static discharge and according to NFPA see link above three fourths of vehicle fires in gas stations are caused by mechanical or electrical problems with the vehicle, which has nothing to do with the fueling process.

There was a tendency for motorists behaving and becoming significantly more compliant initially with the introduction of the updated laws, only to later to resume their ordinary habits. Microwave energy oscillates at millions to billions of cycles per second. The cities of San Antonio and Austin, Texas have enacted a citywide hand-held ban for all electronic devices.

They proved that federal microwave exposure standards are dangerously inadequate. The negative consumption externalities produced from mobile phone use while driving not only affects others on the road but also causes economic inefficiencies.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Such rumors were furthered in May when a lengthy article appeared in the Bangkok Post supporting this warning.

As a concerned physician, I have researched electro-pollution and its effects since cell phones were first introduced. I commend Carleigh for her courage and diligence in writing this long awaited, much needed and well documented expose about the hazards that non.

Aug 19,  · Continued. Children and teens need to know how to use these devices safely. Cell phones should not be allowed in a child's bedroom at night, he says. "The Pew Research Center has reported that 75%.

Cell phones are potentially dangerous when people tend to talk on their cell phones while driving and by doing so; it creates a greater risk of getting into an accident. Sometimes when you’re talking on the phone, you tend to lose your attention on the road because of.

CELL PHONES IN THE WORKPLACE: A Dangerous Distraction This easy-to-use Leader’s Guide is provided to assist in conducting a successful presentation.

Children Face Higher Health Risk From Cell Phones

May 02,  · The internet is full of misinformation. I essentially don't believe any email or Joe blow web site until I can verify it is true.

Old Cell Phones: Recycle, Resell or Reuse

There are plenty of web sites and emails that claim a cell phone can start a fire at the gas pump. The way you use your cell phone is what makes it dangerous.

There are numerous things that make it dangerous to using cell phones and one of them if yourself.

Cellphones are dangerous / not dangerous: the WHO changes its mind

The way you as a person use your cell phone is what makes them dangerous for you or other people around you.

Cell phones are not dangerous
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