Hurriance island outward bound school case

Outward Bound delivers programs using unfamiliar settings as a way for participants across the country to experience adventure and challenge in a way that helps students realize they can do more than they thought possible.

But, it is hard for the company toincrease the prices of the course that might result in the decline of sales made by the company. On the other hand, remaining other categories are incurring losses instead of profit. Alternative to the above four marketing tactics could be: Maintain school leadership within the Outward Bound System and Build-off season business The main problem is the implementation of marketing plans with limited budget.

He escaped to the Scotland and started work in the education and soon after he developed a system that how an interrelated system of athletes and educational standards for the teenage boys that they can enhance their skill levels, and improve emotions in a practical way.

However, HIOB is a non-profit school but it cannot take losses. Aimed at wrong target market, drifting from its original mission Effective program and results of the program were visible in the participants.

Chin should advise to increase marketing efforts for the professional development programs.

Hurricane Island Outward Bound School Case

Furthermore, the school is operating well, but there are some problems that it has been suffering for many years. The purpose of this analysis: Industry serves diverse markets. I don't see any way from it. Similarly, Hurricane was founded in and named it the Outward Bound Inc.

Generate corporate funding and donations by strong corporate tie-upsCompetition from summer camps, jobs, corporate trainings and other wilderness experiences PDP can generate high revenues and is a good opportunity to expand furtherColorado has highest enrollments, can take-up Hurricane market.

Managers were not used to asking for contracts on the spot. Hurricane Island Outward Bound goals for were: If AIM is successful, could be a great asset to marketing. Untapped market sizes and barriers to both enter the market and serving the customers. It could be effective if right staff will work positive.

StrengthsWeaknesses Public courses are flexible, have variety of course offerings and locations. It does not revolve around summer or winter. On the other hand, the School is unable to utilize its full capacity either during theseason or in out of season. Upgrading of marketing function could drop enrollment as did inCosts for payroll and phone would escalate rapidly again big minus.

While that population might benefit MORE so than the middle-upper class, it is truly irrelevant. HIBO has alumni database of people, who had taken course in last 20 years.

I would recommend expanding Florida base as it has a great potential to capture students and PDPs interest because of its amicable weather conditions for outdoor activities.

To realize this, Mr.

Hurricane Island Outward Bound School Case Solution & Answer

Tuition fee is due in 60 days before the beginning of the course. Indeed, this system became essential foundation for the Outward Bound course and school that spread rapidly in the market.

DMUs are friends, family, students themselves and website, brochure etc. Most correspondence pertains to complications the school was acquiring that has a university student as an alternative to illuminating the boy's background.

Since being a non-profit school in the United States has given numerous challenges for the school. But, profit is not necessary for the school. Since school is aimed at providing training to the peoples who belongs to the different grounds of the culture, background, and ethnic group.

So, if the company focus on specific course of the program them it is also possible that it might lose the sales in coming years, and the situation can also become worst. If too few alumni were interested, the effort in reaching them might be wasted.

Proposed solution 4 is only under tests. Furthermore, the Hurricane has never broken even on the operating basis. Prospective students at different locations were covered by direct marketing and direct mailing of school catalogs.

By creating superior customer value, the organization can create highly satisfied customers who stay loyal and buy more.

Hurricane Island Outward Bound School Case Study Help - Case Solution & Analysis

Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Camden, Maine. K likes. The official Facebook page for the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School.

Hurricane Island Outward Bound School Case

elleandrblog.comps:// Hurricane Island Outward Bound School Case Solution. Thus, the school even cannot meet with the breakeven point.

On the other hand, the School is unable to utilize its full capacity either during theseason or in out of  · MKT Spring Hurricane Island Outward Bound Individual Case Analysis Outline Note: When "bullet point" is specified you will typically provide one or two sentences per bullet point.

Be sure to describe your responses quantitatively as well as Why Hurricane Island Outward Bound School?


Our life-changing programs stretch from Maine to Florida and all the way to the Caribbean and South America. We help individuals and teams achieve their potential and develop the leadership skills needed to serve others and care for the world around Hurricane Island is the leader of the Outward Bound system, has 3, students (70, SPD) and sells a variety of courses (over 50 at any of 13 sites in Maine, Florida, New York, New Hampshire and Maryland), being specialized in sea area, for two main School Environment Analysis Essay.

School Environment Analysis Charlene N. Vance Grand Canyon University: EDA October 29, School Environment Analysis Identifying the needs of a school can be very perplexing and daunting for those in

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Hurricane Island Outward Bound School Case Study Help - Case Solution & Analysis