Sustainable manufacturing

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Technical experience in areas such as industrial hygiene, chemical management, and occupational health preferred. Now I am almost certain I will. The Toolkit includes an internationally applicable common set of indicators helping businesses measure their environmental performance at the level of a plant or facility.

Sustainable Manufacturing research group

Harold Campbell Globally, manufacturing facilities have taken a new turn with a mix of advanced robotics to fully unify production systems.

Businesses of all types are already involved in initiatives and innovations that are helping to foster a healthier environment, enhance their competitive edge, reduce risks, build trust, drive investment, attract customers and generate profit.

Skill development within the manufacturing sector presents the advantage of high-quality products and can as well address long-term employment concerns through job creation. Summer Academy in Sustainable Manufacturing's metropolitan location in midtown Detroit, MI and its closeness to the heart of US automotive manufacturing offer participants a unique experience.

Sustainable Manufacturing Anthony Ku, chemical engineer at General Electric GE Global Research, discussed possible approaches to closing gaps between knowledge and action in sustainable manufacturing. Advanced knowledge of trends in HS management systems and Culture of Safety.

Pellet Loss Prevention Plan. Following the assessment, the company implemented projects which included adjustments to water pumping and compressed air systems. Together, the start-up guide and web portal will help you get the most out of the content, whether you are a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between.

Saving money, improving your products, making your operations more efficient and increasing sales are all possible for those taking up this new challenge.

We think it is important for you to have the right tools, but also to be informed about what works. New firms and small businesses can also play an exciting role. Lead coordination of Nike Global HS team to develop sharing of best practices, including playbooks and other materials; synchronize with factory groups.

This Toolkit is the result of a two-year consultation process that involved many practitioners and experts, and the framework it establishes owes much to the existing variety of measurement and reporting initiatives around the world.

A green reputation drives up your financial value: Design for manufacture, material selection, life cycle assessment, environmental and quality standards will be emphasized while health and safety, project management, and sustainable practices will be embedded in every aspect of the curriculum.

Mack also stepped up its efforts to recycle food storage and computer packaging waste ininstalling 10 green waste bins in conference rooms and cafeteria that ultimately go into a zero sort recycling system.

Besam followed several recommendations from the energy management survey, including replacement of metal halide lighting with fluorescent fixtures with occupancy sensors, installation of high efficiency lamps and electronic ballasts with occupancy sensors, reduction of compressor air pressure, and repair of compressed air leaks.

Sustainable Manufacturing

The green marketplace is worth trillions: This REU provided me with the opportunity to see what research and graduate school is like. I also would have never had the confidence to apply for my current coop position. Ku discussed the importance of improving data quality in terms of accuracy, precision, frequency, and accessibility.


The site allows participants to experience the resurgence of Detroit, MI; interact with industry, and research sustainable manufacturing issues facing industry today. It is behind many of the green products and processes in demand and celebrated around the world today. McKinsey and Company leads many conversations about the business case for sustainability by using greenhouse gas cost curves Figure Zimmerman cited a number of examples where market trends and manufacturing outcomes deviated from the anticipated results of the status quo.

As our Sustainable Manufacturing & Sourcing Health and Safety (HS) Deployment Director, you will be responsible for deploying the Nike’s HS strategy. You will utilize a range of leadership approaches to influence and inspire Nike factory partners to take action in support of the strategy.

Sustainable manufacturing

Achieving a sustainable future in manufacturing. Manufacturers are turning the negatives of climate change, resource scarcity and rising energy costs into positives by. The SAC is transforming the industry through standardized measurement.


For the first time, factories around the world can use the Higg Facility Social & Labor. Sustainable Manufacturing. Tire manufacturing has experienced a major transformation in recent years as companies have proactively embraced more sustainable practices and products.

Sustainable manufacturing evolved from the concept of sustainable development, which was coined in the s to address concerns about environmental impact, economic development, globalization, inequities and other factors. The Sustainable Manufacturing Program will enable advanced manufacturing processes that include new manufacturing methodologies, manufacturing .

Sustainable manufacturing
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