Trafigura jinchuan refinery stake

Indonesia struck an agreement with U.

Chinese metal smelter Jinchuan gets approval for Trafigura JV

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DT Group is involved in key sectors that support Angola s economic development. One pointer to how the world has shifted in the last odd years: Some of our customers previously had no use for this versatile product, but we are finding applications at units such as refineries, splitters, petrochemical plants and power generation facilities.

We operate in a fragmented market where no single company has a leading position. It gained further prominence from the sixteenth century onwards as first the Portuguese and then a succession of other European seafarers came calling, looking for exotic goods to take back to their bases in India.

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Currently, around 47 percent of global fuel oil supply is used in bunkers, 30 percent in power generation and the remainder for refinery feedstocks. You bet those folks realize achingly well they could have won with Bernie.

First production should be in Transformations in space, time and form SOURCE We negotiate off-take agreements with oil producers, refiners, mining companies and smelters.

In this publication, the collective expressions Trafigura, Trafigura Group, the Company and the Group may be used for convenience where reference is made in general to those companies. Commodities giant Trafigura (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Trafigura) (hereinafter called» Trafigura») today announced that it’s agreed to acquire copper smelter Jinchuan Group’s 30% stake.

This smelter is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangxi Jinchuan Jinchuan Group business. Rostock (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Trafigura) (hereinafter called» Trafigura») just lately announced that it’s agreed to purchase copper smelter Jinchuan Group, 30% on the shares.

The company plans mainly for capacity upgradation of its alumina refinery, setting up a wind power plant, equity share in joint venture for nuclear power plant and for developing Utkal-E Coal Mine - a captive coal block allotted to it - in the next fiscal.

Our Services. Trafigura is one of the world’s leading independent commodity trading and logistics houses. We have built a global business on service and performance.

INDONESIA PRESS-Telkom eyes stake in New Zealand phone operator Exxon shutting FCC at Baytown TX refinery for work -IIR PM UTC. Jinchuan front. Trafigura’s investment of up to $M into India’s Nagarjuna Oil Corporation's (NOC) refinery and storage facility has established a new way of working for independent oil refiners and commodity traders.

Trafigura’s LNG chief to lead the company’s Asian oil unit

The Dutch commodities trader’s purchase last month of a 24% stake in the refinery.

Trafigura jinchuan refinery stake
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Trafigura takes stake in smelter in China - Recycling Today